up to 80% off on used books at Gibert Joseph’s.

Gibert Joseph is the place to be if you’re looking for cheap used books. For the French Days, used books are up to 80% off. Time to restock your reading pile!

The French Days at Gibert Joseph’s

See the different offers of second-hand books

The French Days take place from May 27 to June 2, 2020. The objective? Today, Gibert Joseph, the famous second-hand bookstore, is in the spotlight. This network of booksellers/dealers offers up to 80% discount on second-hand books for the French Days. If you don’t know what to read anymore, it’s time to stock up on books! We present you our selection below between detective stories and contemporary reading.

On the detective story side, the books that are most popular in terms of promotions include books by Frank Tillez, Michel Bussi and Joël Dicker:

– We thought it was rather pretty” by Michel Bussi at 3.60$ instead of 7.95$.

– Joël Dicker’s “La disparition de Stéphanie Mailer” at 4$ instead of 23$.

– Joël Dicker’s “Le Livre des Baltimore” at 3$ instead of 22$.

– Franck Thilliez’s “Puzzle” at $3.80 instead of $8.40.

We’ve selected the best promotions for you, but if you like thrillers there are plenty more!

As far as contemporary literature is concerned, you can find :

– Lætitia Colombani’s “La tresse” at 3,10$ instead of 18$.

– Les Enfants du Désastre – miroir de nos peines” by Pierre Lemaitre at 19,47$ instead of 22,90$.

– Their children after them” by Mathieu Nicolas at 9,90$ instead of 21,80$.

Concerning the “feel good” or well-being literature that allows for decompression after containment and deconfinement in the case of the Covid crisis19 :

– Your second life begins when you understand that you only have one” by Giordano Raphaëlle at 2.60$ instead of 14.90$.

– The man who wanted to be happy” by Laurent Gounelle at 2,90$ instead of 6,40$.

– La délicatse du Homard” by Laure Manel at 3,50$ instead of 7,70$.


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